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GUANGXI GUIZHENG AUTO PARTSCO., LTDOur approach to human resource management is to "put the right person in the right place and do the right thing". Every employee who enters the company is a talent, but the division of labor is different. We give every employee enough respect and care, we will also do our best to help every employee better development.


Since the establishment of the company, under the leadership and support, the company has been constantly improving the human resource management system and various salary and welfare systems, so that cadres and employees can find the sense of belonging to the greatest extent. Such as: we are already set up the system of lifelong enjoy allowances for the board of directors, cadres, the job seniority salary, 5 insurances treatment and distinguished talent with treatment of vehicles and transportation subsidies, housing subsidies and domestic expat packages, foreign expatriate double salary, to study abroad, subsidised food and education subsidies titles and low academic staff of the internal title such as salary and welfare system. Every year, we will hold the activity of "outstanding employee commendation conference and banquet for all employees" to express our gratitude for the hard work of the cadres and employees in the past year.


In order to enable new employees to quickly get familiar with the company's situation and master basic skills, the company provides each new employee with one-week cultural skills training and learning. We also guarantee that each cadre and employee should receive at least 1-2 professional trainings every year. In addition, we also select a batch of outstanding personnel from the grass-roots cadres every two years for the centralized system training of the first phase of two years. After passing the assessment at the end of the period, we can hire middle-level cadres. At the same time, the company will select middle-level outstanding cadres to go to colleges and universities for salaried off-job education.


We have designed and formulated career development plans for each employee. We have set up two channels for the development of positions and titles for employees with different educational levels and personalities, so that each employee can give full play to his/her strengths and realize the value of life.