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Product name

Wheeler series - increase the wheel along the wheel

Product description
main feature
1. The wheel of the wheel series adopts high-strength steel 420MC as raw material, and the wheel edge design is increased. Through the authoritative inspection of the national wheel testing center, the impact test is improved by 35%, the distortion test is increased by 53%, the fatigue test is improved by 65%, and the radial overload test is carried out. Increased by 38%, through the performance comparison, can better protect the tires.
2. The wheel of the wheel series increases the design of the wheel edge, which can effectively prevent the wheel from being deformed, getting out of the tire, shrinking the mouth, and eating the tire.
3. The unique three-sequence rolling production process of the wheel of the wheel series makes the wheel products of the wheel edge more firm and beautiful, and also corrected and rounded.
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